Entry: Journalism At The Crossroads: Change Or Die Friday, January 11, 2008

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As I read this yearís first crop of posts from the smartest voices on the future of journalism, itís clear that 2008 is the change or die year for journalism, as symbolized by the uncertain future of the newspaper industry.

This is the year that the journalists who will embrace the challenge of transforming journalism for the digital age will be separated from those who are waiting to take the buyout. This year will break the back of the old newsroom culture that was supported by monopoly distribution economics, which have been destroyed.

Here are some of the tea leaves Iíve been reading:

- Mindy McAdams: Time to get crazy

- Howard Owens: Journalists doing their jobs better is a competitive advantage

- Steve Outing: Whatís Needed in 2008: Serious Newsroom Cultural Change

- Steve Yelvington: Resolution: Newspapers should be more like Apple

- Kara Swisher: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Learned to Love the Blog: Goodbye Dead Trees!

- Alan Mutter: $23B zapped in news stock value

- Howard Weaver: You Say You Want A Revolution?

- Doug Fisher: Lazarus resurrects old argument

-Hereís a great post from Yoni Greenbaum that argues change needs to start at the top: Newsroom leaders, change or step aside

- Dave Cohn  We Donít Need Newsroom Leadership, We Need Individual Entrepreneurs

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