Entry: Política y Blogs: Ky. Governor Unblocks Blogs Monday, March 24, 2008

Except for MySpace
Kentucky's newly elected Democratic Governor Steve Beshear lifted a ban set in place by former Governor Ernie Fletcher that barred state employees from accessing blogs on state computers. Fletcher's move was a controversial one that led to national press coverage of allegations that he was trying to silence critics, and a federal lawsuit filed by a Kentucky gadfly blogger.
Steve Beshear, Kentucky Democratic Governor
Steve Beshear, Kentucky Democratic Governor
(Photo Credit: ChangeforKentucky.com)

WebProNews spoke with the Governor's spokeswoman, Vicki Glass, about the details of Beshear's reversal. "Gov. Beshear felt that access to political sites was something government employees could be trusted not to abuse. Those sites that Fletcher blocked, Gov. Beshear is unblocking."

That includes lifting gateway-level bans on political, religious, and sports blogs, as well as shopping websites. Ms. Glass said access to shopping sites like eBay was important for state employees who make purchasing decisions. Access to gambling, dating, pornography, and computer game sites will remain blocked however, including social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook.

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