Entry: [art] ------- What is netart ;-)? . Joachim Blank Tuesday, September 14, 2004


The text below is a contribution to an exhibition and
congress called " (History of) Mailart in Eastern Europe" at
the Staatliches Museum Schwerin (Germany) 1996

by Joachim Blank, Internationale Stadt Berlin

------- What is netart ;-)?

The "Internet myth" is the result of a massive
self-referentiality of our media landscape. Unlimited
communication in a yet unknown conglomerate made of
machines, cables and people. The exclusive networld of
cyberpunks, scientists and artists has been superseded by
the thirst for information of the industrialized mass
consumption. Nevertheless, the cultural "stylistic howlers"
of communication in data networks continue to exist not only
in the underground.

Artistic projects, strategy projects, discussion forums and
autonomous network structures within the vast Internet, but
remote from the glossy, dust-free surfaces, show interesting
beginnings for an alternative use of this medium.

--- Netart vs. Art on the Net ---

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