Entry: [link] international festival of radical communication Wednesday, April 13, 2005

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Year- round, Memefest serves as a forum for discussion and site for the exposition of radical communications strategies. All are welcome to cruise the site and to comment on content.

Each year, Memefest singles out a text and/or image that serves as a focal point for a critical take on the current media environment. In the spring, the festival’s competition opens to both graduate and undergraduate students of Communication Studies, Sociology and Visual Arts (except the Beyond… Category which is open to non-students as well). Participants are asked to respond to the chosen texts and images with written or visual entries (according to their discipline).

After the May deadline, submissions are evaluated by an international jury composed of distinguished professors and artists as well as professionals from the spheres of journalism, design, advertising and social marketing. Those who have submitted their works can view the juror’s comments online. The best entries in each category, as chosen by the jury, will be awarded Award of Excellence.

All entries are displayed on the site with comment boxes provided for visitor feedback.
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